Hey everyone…I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything!! I hope everyone survived the 12 tornadoes from yesterday, we had a close call at the house but God is good no matter what!!

Just wanted to tell you guys to check the Dropbox, music for Sunday is in there.

YES, THERE WILL BE PRACTICE THIS WEEK. We will be practicing this Friday at 7 PM for Sunday’s service.

1. Mi Dios – A
2. Libre Soy – D
3. Te Doy Gloria – C
4. Vencedor – G or A
5. Vengo a Adorarte – D
6. Nada Hay Que Esconder

Videos for new Songs:


Nada Hay Que Esconder

Remember that Pastor will be going out of town tomorrow, please keep him in prayers.