Hello everyone!!! There will be NO rehearsal this week!! And due to the Leaders Workshop Sunday morning, I’m not sure how much time we will have to practice before Sunday School.

So we will keep it simple this week, musicians brush up on the different parts of the songs and hopefully everyone will participate on Sunday. (Also I’m hoping for the return of the electric guitar 🙂 )

1. Te Doy Gloria – C (this is the automatic “go to song” when we don’t rehearse 😉 )

2. Tu Gracia oh Dios – G

3. El Señor Esta en Este Lugar – Dm

4. Envuelveme en Ti – D (starts on Bm) I absolutely love the below version…it’s not how we will do it, but just wanted to share it.

5. Mi Dios – A

I have put the songs in the Dropbox. Did I mention there will be NO rehearsal this week?