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(The Set List is at the bottom of post…Rehearsal this week will be Saturday morning at 10 AM)


Happy New Year to everyone!!

Ok, I know I’m 3 days late on posting this on the blog but please forgive me. I had, probably like each one of you, a very busy week and weekend.

I believe the year 2011 was one in which our Worship Band and Team made great strides forward. I really feel we improved musically, vocally and in our overall worship. And all for the honor and glory of our God!!

I want to take some time to thank all of you for the hard work you put in in 2011 and thank you in advance for 2012.

My Wife and Kids
I thank God for giving me such a wonderful and awesome wife who supports me and encourages me! She is honest (sometimes too honest 😉 ) and at the same time always giving suggestions as to what we can do to improve our sound and sound more “together” in the music and songs we present at the church. She is also always willing to coach the harmonies and vocals of our singers and I believe her coaching has made us all better. Thanks babe, I love you!! And my kids who are always asking what songs are we singing this week and who’s going to lead the service and are always giving me song suggestions (no boys, we can’t sing Jesus Freak this Sunday morning). Thanks kids for letting me go to rehearsals and sometimes coming along.

Pastor Rios and Sister Martha, thank you for the trust and confidence you have in each one of the Worship Leaders and each member of the Worship Team. We hope to improve and grow (spiritually and numerically) this New Year and to help you and New Life Church in casting out the vision for our church and community and spreading the gospel.

Worship Leaders
The Worship Leaders (Israel and Rudy), you guys did an awesome job and I believe 2012 will bring even greater things…I know there were moments throughout last year when you were taken out of your comfort zone but you guys rolled with the punches and there were many awesome times of worship that resulted.

The vocals (Wendy, Mirna, Jazmin, and Worship Leaders) did much, much, much improving last year. Harmonies are coming a lot easier to you guys and it’s only going to get easier and better. We will continue to challenge ourselves and I know God has given us enough talent to meet those challenges.

Tech Team
Our tech team…Moises, I know sometimes I give you the “evil” eye, (hmmmm, maybe it should be the “holy” eye), but I appreciate and thank you for the work you do in running the sound and setting equipment up. You are the person who makes us sound good (most of the time 😉 ). Edleen and Nathan you guys do a great job in running the EasyWorship and Powerpoints, thank you for your work and attention.

Our home musicians, what can I say (I am one of you guys too). Joel and Abe you guys do such an awesome job. Some songs have really challenged us but we have taken them made them our own and presented them in Worship to our God. I think as musicians it’s only natural to worry about our own “Epic Fail” moments, but I believe in those moments in which our shortcomings are evident (even if it’s only obvious to us) the reason we get upset is because we want to present our best to our King. Each week we play together we get better and that is going to continue happening in 2012.

Visiting Musicians
Our visiting musicians, Danny, you were such a blessing to us this past year. Thank you for the commitment you gave to Nueva Vida and for blessing us for 6+ months with your talent. Alex, bro, you wowed us every single time you came to help us out. Thank you so much for taking time out of you schedule to be with us in practices and in services.

Blog Followers (not many I know 🙂 )
I also want to thank everyone who visited and commented on the blog this past year. We had 7,390 hits on the blog last year and over 100 comments on the blog. I really started this site just so we can have a place to put our set lists and music but hopefully we can expand it a bit more this upcoming year.


Set List for 1/08

1. Al Rey – Gm

2. Eres Fiel – D

3. How He Loves – C

4. Libre Soy – D

5. Glorificate – G

Dropbox is updated.