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We are still trying to get the rehearsal schedule down so hopefully by the time the new year rolls around we will have a more concrete idea of how we will be doing rehearsals. Please bear with us until then. This last week was not really a good practice because we had prayer scheduled at the same time and we were not with liberty to really repeat the same line over and over again. That will not happen again. We will not have rehearsal the same day of prayer (it shouldn’t have happened this last time neither…that was my fault and I do apologize).

This week practice will ne on Thursday at 7 PM. Remember this week we will be staying a little later after church to start working on some Christmas songs. I have posted the version of Little Drummer Boy we try to do in a few weeks at the end of this posting.


Here is the song list for this week. There is one new song on the list and we will revisit a new song we sang a few weeks back.

1. Dios Sea Exaltado – Fm

2. El Senor Esta en Este Lugar – Cm

3. Tu Gracia oh Dios – G

4. Healer/Sanador – D (we will be doing a Spanish version)

5. Let it Rain – D

Dropbox has been updated and I will get the lyrics for Healer up soon.


Little Drummer Boy: