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Here’s the Set List for this week. Bro. Israel will be leading. Keep in mind we are having Pastor’s Day on Sunday, we may do all these song or we might not, depending on how the Program works out.

There is a new song we will try to introduce on Sunday but if we feel that we are not ready after practice we will switch it  for a different one. We will have rehearsal on Thursday this week at 7:30 PM. 

1. Tu Gracia Oh Dios  – G (this version in the video is in English, but the song in the Dropbox is the version we will be using in Spanish)

2. Te Doy Gloria

3. Elias Oraba – Dm

4. Esta Cayendo – G

5. Tu Rio Fluira – G

Once again the Dropbox has been updated and I will try to have the lyrics for the new song up later on  today or tomorrow.