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How about a bit of rain to kick off the week!! And apparently it’s going to rain even more this weekend. Ok, enough with the weather report.

PTL, once again thank you Miguel for helping us out on bass yesterday. Hopefully we can get everyone to be there at the same time sometime soon and actually have a 4 piece band.

Here is the Set list for next Sunday:

  • Libre Soy – D


  • El Senor Esta en Este Lugar – Dm


  • Manda el Fuego – C


  • Al Que Esta Sentado en el Trono – C


  • Si Puedes Creer – D


Dropbox has been updated as always.


Here are some numbers from the past 3 months (this does not include altar call or Wednesdays):


  • We have sung 30 different songs the past 13 Sundays.
  • Take a wild guess at what song we sung the most……yep, Te Doy Gloria wins. We sang it 4 times over the past 3 months.
  • Tying for second place are 8 different songs with us singing them 3 times each: Grande y Fuerte, Esta Cayendo, Si Puedes Creer, Haz Llover, Manda Lluvia, Al Rey, El Senor Esta en Este Lugar, and Hosanna.
  • There are 12 songs we only sang one time each the past 3 months.
  • Here is a list of all the songs we’ve done the past 3 months (the past 13 Sundays):
Song Played
Te Doy Gloria 4
Al Rey 3
El Senor Esta en Este Lugar 3
Esta Cayendo 3
Grande y Fuerte 3
Haz Llover 3
Hosanna 3
Manda Lluvia 3
Si Puedes Creer 3
Al Que Esta Sentado 2
Dia Feliz 2
Digno y Santo 2
Dios Sea Exaltado 2
El Poderoso de Israel Medley 2
Envuelveme en Ti 2
Llueve 2
Manda el Fuego 2
Perfume a Tus Pies  2
De Tal Manera 1
Elias Oraba Medley 1
Eres Fiel 1
Glorificate 1
Jesus el Mesias 1
Libre Soy 1
Mi Alma Tiene Sed 1
Por Las Llagas de Jesus 1
Sublime Gracia/Amazing Grace 1
Tu Rio Fluira 1
Victoria la Victoria Medley 1
Yo Se Que Cristo Vendra 1

So what does this all mean? It means I’m a nerd and that I like stats :-). It may also mean it may be time to find a new top song, but Te Doy Gloria is a great go to song. Anyways, I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Have a great week and no matter what – we will have rehearsal this week. See you guys Wednesday!