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PTL…Due to this week’s uncertainty regarding rehearsal (because of remodeling) once again we will do songs that are fairly easy and we have done often. If we are able to practice we will attempt to study a “new” song.

So for this week here’s the songs:

  • Te Doy Gloria – C
  • Manda Lluvia – D
  • Grande y Fuerte – Am
  • Digno y Santo – D
  • “New” Song (will be in the Dropbox with an accompanying video ;-))

The Dropbox has been updated with yesterdays songs and the new Set List.


Well it’s the First day of School for pretty much every school district in the area and I just want to wish everyone on our team a great year at school!!

To my wonderful wife, I truly hope you have an awesome year in your new school and with the new class coming in, I’m very proud of you and I’m always praying for you.

Wendy, Danny, and Edleen, remember we are worship leaders, not just inside the comfy walls of our church building, but outside as well! Remember to let your light shine bright and let your actions and words at all times be an accurate reflection of the salvation and grace Jesus has given to you through his sacrifice on the cross.

Of course my Nathan, Andrew, and Hannah…may this school year be a blessing for you guys and may God give you grace and protect you all times as well as Bro. Israel’s children and all of the NV kids.

Here’s a pic from yesterday (Danny you could’ve at least smiled for the pic even if you didn’t want to go back to school 😉 ):

NV kids

I hope everyone has a great School Year!!!