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(I hope you have patience and can read through all this…I do apologize for the long post.)

I told some of you in the last practice about the IEM’s we were thinking about getting. Not all of you were there so here’s an update.

I discussed the two options of possibly getting an economical system for under $500 but the drawback was we could not have control of our personal mixes. So the discussion went to a more complex system which gave us specific controls over the voices and instruments coming into our ears. We discussed the Hear Back system and we were all in agreement regarding this purchase. The major drawback of the Hear Backs was it’s limited amount of inputs (8 but 2 were stere inputs).

head-scratchWith this said, my biggest concern and my biggest worry was the lack of inputs. The standard in the industry is the Aviom system which has 16 inputs and is more flexible. Other companies such as Roland and Furman offer similar systems but all of their price points are just to high for us at the moment (just to buy some starter equipment with them will cost around $4000.00). At the moment we cannot justify spending that type of money on this.

So in doing the research and talking to other musicians I found another system that may work for us is at a reasonable price point and offers the flexibility of 16 inputs. The only drawback is the company who makes them. This company is Behringer (honestly when I think of them it’s as if I’m comparing a Lamborghini to a Kia when you compare Aviom to Behringer). Behringer’s reputation is not the greatest and they are known for making cheap equipment.

Personally I’ve never had any of their equipment go out on me. We have 4 pieces equipment from them at the church: a EUROPOWER EP2500, an ULTRAGRAPH FBQ-PRO FBQ3102, a FEEDBACK DESTROYER PRO DSP1100P, and a COMPOSER PRO MDX2200. To this day all this equipment works and has been at the church for over 5 years. Now as far as sound quality goes…I’m not a sound engineer or a sound pro but considering we’re doing live music (not professional studio recordings) I don’t believe the sound is horrible. It’s not the greatest but it’s acceptable.

Now why am I telling you all this? If I’m asking you guys to make a big purchase I want to make sure that we all understand what we’re getting into and we are buying. This is my proposals to you guys:

  • This new Behringer system is called the Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-I and has yet to be released into the market. Americanmusical.com has on their website that this product will be available in Sept. 9th. So there are no reviews from other bands or churches who have started use of this product. We would be the guinea pigs. I am willing to try this product out because I firmly believe we need to incorporate a better monitoring system at the church and this product is at the price point where we need it to be to make it happen. If in the end we are not satisfied with this product AMS has a great 45 day return policy which gives us plenty of time to test drive the P16-I.
  • Or we wait till the beginning of next year after other people have had a chance to try it out and then see what we think.

The prices are as follows:

  • We need one Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-I – $249.99



  • We need 4 Behringer Powerplay P-16M – $199.99 each = $799.96

Top Panel

Back Panel

This is a total of $1,049.95 to buy equipment. We can get this in 5 payments through AMS and the first payment (which includes a one time processing fee of $9.95) would be $209.99.

As of now the WT is made up of 8 people of which I would only expect 7 of you to help out with this purchase. That means our monthly payments would come to $30.00 (a total of $150 over the 5 months) from each one of us. I don’t believe this is unreasonable.

Keep in mind this not include the necessary CAT5e cables to connect the personal mixers to the central hub and does not include the cables to connect from the FOH mixer to the hub. The CAT5’s are not to expensive and I know a great and awesome brother who knows another great and awesome brother who can probably help us out with these cables ;-). (that great and awesome brother is probably reading this also)

I really want you’re input. I know we are in favor of getting something to improve the monitoring system but I’ve come to the conclusion that the Hear Backs will not work for us. It’s simply not enough inputs for us.

Should we try the Behringers or wait?