Unfortunately, I think our streak of 2 weeks in a row with a bass player will end this Sunday :-(. How I wish it weren’t so. But that is the reality.

Despite the lack of a full band, I feel God has blessed the Music Ministry of the church in a mighty way with 4 musicians who are up for any challenge that comes their way.

Band41. Danny – Even though technically, he is not a NV member, to me he is an official member of the NVWT. I praise God for the talent he has given him and for allowing him to share it with us. Not only is is there an amazing drum talent in him, I believe he will soon be making his official debut at NV on a different instrument (I’ll let you guys speculate what instrument).

2. Joel – Surprises me each week with his determination. Even though he himself has his own doubts on whether or not he can do a particular riff or can come close to doing a particular solo he shows up at rehearsals and on Sunday’s and does exactly what he thought he couldn’t do.

3. Moises – What can I say about this young man? He is still learning how to master the drum set but each week that passes I see improvement. But not only does he play drums he is also the person in charge of making sure we sound good as a band on Sunday’s. He has been doing a great job on the board and make sure you treat him good cause if not he’ll turn down your mic and you’ll be none the wiser ;-).

4. Me – I am in no way close to being the best keyboard player in the world…but despite my lack of ability in certain areas, I feel God has shown me how to make the most of what He has given me and He gives me the courage to branch out into styles I thought I could never do.


It’s also a great whenever a visiting musician accepts our invitation to worship with us or they just let us know they would like to drop by and visit. Great musicians like, Alex C., Malio L., Gimo G., and Miguel R. have been a great blessing to us.

As a band, I think it is very important we continue to push ourselves to be better and to attempt to those things we thought we couldn’t do. It’s the only way we will continue to grow musically. We have to lift each other up and encourage one another to be the best that we can be at our craft (this includes the vocalists).

It’s an awesome privilege to be this bands music director and I thank God for the opportunity he has given me to be able to lead them and I thank my Pastor also for his support and confidence. I realize I will not be the Music Director forever but in the meantime I will do the best job I can and I pray that God will add more musicians who have a heart of worship to our band. I ask you to pray for this also.

God bless and have a great weekend!!