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(BTW, I put the recordings of yesterday’s service in the Dropbox so you guys can listen to them.)

PTL, I want to thank all of you for the work you put in each week. We had a great service yesterday and Bro. Rudy did an awesome job. I will also say that Moises did a great job with the sound yesterday (despite 2 or 3 feedback squeals), I really thought the sound was good yesterday. It was nice to have the full team back in action yesterday and every week that passes I continue to see improvement from all of us.

It was awesome to have a bass player on Sunday and for that I want to thank Bro. Gimo for visiting NV and helping us out. Geronimo you are a blessing to all of us and a great personal friend to me. Thank you sir.


This weeks songs are the following:

1. Al Rey – Gm

2. Hosanna – Am

3. Dia Feliz – I’m still working on what key we will do this song in. Please listen to the voices because this song will be high and the ladies will have to sing harmony or not sing at all.

4. Esta Cayendo – G

5. En Tu Presencia – D


  • All the songs are on the Song Lyrics page and in the Dropbox. Speaking of Dropbox, I wanted to let you guys know if you have an Android phone or an iPhone you can download the Dropbox app and have it with you everywhere you go. Pretty cool huh?
  • Something I’m going to start doing from now on is adding (if I can find them) the backing tracks for the songs in the Dropbox so you guys can hear the music and the backing vocals of the song without the lead singers voice. I think it will give us all a better listen of the song and will help us hear our individual parts a bit better.
  • I’ve added some tutorials for this weeks songs in the Worship Team Toolbox for Guitar and Drums.

That’s it for now, I will give you guys an update regarding the IEM’s on Thursday. Have a great week and God bless!