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First off, I want to say that we had an amazing service yesterday…God’s presence was with us and we had an awesome celebration towards the closing of the service. Thank you Lord for your love and your grace!!

Once again, thank you Bro. Alex! On a technical level, you don’t cease to amaze me with your skills behind the kit!! Also your worship as you play is a great example for us. Thank you for sharing the talent God has given you with Nueva Vida.

This upcoming week, Israel will be leading the service and here is the set list for next Sunday:

1. Manda el Fuego – C

2. Grande Y Fuerte – Dm

3. Jesus el Mesias – G

4. Si Puedes Creer – D

5. Glorificate – G (new song for us)

I have updated the Song Lyrics page and the Dropbox. Just a reminder, the Dropbox is a place where you can download the song onto your computer so you can put it into your iTunes or media player and transfer it to your MP3 player. If you need to email you an invite to the Dropbox again let me know and I will do so.



– This week we will be rehearsing Saturday instead of Thursday because Danny does not get back till Friday.

– We are in need of cokes for the machine. Please bring $5 on Wed. to give to Mirna, she is going to go buy some out of her pocket and we need to pay her back on Wednesday.

Once again keep up the good work guys!! The more you practice at home the smoother it will go on Saturday for rehearsal and on Sunday during the Worship.