I just wanted to share with you guys a great accomplishment that my wonderful wife has achieved. Today she got her scores back from the last test she had to take to become a fully Certified Teacher here in the State of Texas and I am proud to report she is now a fully Certified Teacher for grades K-12 anywhere in the State of Texas!!

Over the years I have seen her work very, very hard, she put herself through school and first got an Associate’s Degree and then her Bachelor’s Degree and finally she has her Teaching Certificate. This journey began back around the time Andrew was born…so she went through another pregnancy while she was going to University. Wow! I have been trying to finish my Bachelor’s for a while now and I still can’t get it but she did so dealing with 2 boys, 1 girl, a husband, 4 previous tests but yet she was able to persevere and accomplish her goal.

I just feel so blessed for the awesome wife God has given me and even though I am far from being the perfect husband I do try as hard as I can to be that because to me, she is the perfect wife. I love you very much sweetie and I am a blessed man because of you!!

I hope you guys help me congratulate my wife for this great achievement!

This is us at her graduation in 2008:


By the way, did I mention how awesome she is!!