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Just a friendly reminder for everyone, tomorrow rehearsal is at 6:30 PM. Singers can get there at 7:00. I also wanted to let everyone know that Joel will be working this weekend, so because of that we will have no killer guitar riffs or solos this weekend; also Danny is out on vacation (to CA) and Bro. Alex once again has accepted our invitation to join us.



1. I wanted to point out some new pages on the site. They are under the  Worship Team Toolbox page. I will attempt to gather different resources for us to help us grow as a team and as individual musicians and I will post them in that area. As of now, I’ve only had time to post a 2 items under the Vocals section. But I expect for these sections to grow.

2. I have asked Bro. Rudy and Bro. Israel to start working on some contributions for the blog. As of now the schedule has been the following:

Monday – Posting of Set Lists
Wednesday – Posting of rehearsal reminders and notices
Fridays – Posting of an Article or Random Thought

I would love to get in a Random Thought on Thursdays also but I can’t do it all on my own. I’m also going to try to get an occasional guest contributor to publish something directly on the blog, outside ideas are always a great way to look at ourselves and re-evaluate things we do and look at things we could possibly do as a Team or individuals.

3. Once again, I appreciate all the comments we get on the blog. It helps for all of us to read everyone’s comment and makes the whole Team feel as if everyone is truly involved and interested with the preparation for the week.

GravatarI did want to suggest that you guys to think about getting a Gravatar. It helps keep the comment sections a bit nicer looking and we can see at glance who is commenting. A Gravatar basically creates a profile of you and you can use it in Facebook and other services. You put as much or as little information as you want on the profile, that is totally up to you. Just click on the links above or the Gravatar picture.


If you have not realized it yet, I’m not the world’s greatest writer. I hope to improve my writing skills and my sentence structure with time. I’m also going to be taking some writing courses the next few semesters at the University, so hopefully that should help me improve. Please bear with me. I’m also trying to add adjectives to my vocabulary so I can start using words other than “awesome” and “wow” to describe certain things ;-).