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PDC…everyone, you all did a great job in preparation for yesterday’s service, yes there were some bumps in the road but eventually we will smooth everything out. More importantly the whole church was worshipping along with us. Bro Rudy, once again, you did an awesome job.

So for this next week:    

1. Libre Soy – D (in Spanish, but in this style…minus the turntable unfortunately, unless someone is moonlighting as a DJ and has one  Winking smile)

2. El Senor Esta en Este Lugar (this version of the song has really grown on me) – Dm

3. Let it Rain – D (maybe C not sure till we practice…I want to try to do it in this version)

4. Revelation Song – D (I really like the way they play it in this clip)

5. Envuelveme en Ti – D

I have updated the Dropbox and you can download the songs there so you can put them on your mp3 players and listen to them. You will find two versions of the Revelation Song (Digno y Santo) in the Dropbox. One is for the music style, which is the video that is above, and the other is for the lyrics in Spanish.

I’ve also put some photos of the Worship Team in the Dropbox photo folder. Enjoy 🙂