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Last week Marcos Witt’s new album was released. The album is called “25 Concierto Conmemorativo”. As you can probably tell from the title it is a 25th Anniversary Live Album in which many of Witt’s most popular songs are recorded and remembered, many of them with new arrangements. It is actually a great trip down “memory lane” and Marcos (long hair and all) and his band sound as awesome as ever.


As I was listening to it (I recommend you do to), I began to think back to when I first began to learn to play piano and guitar and the different albums that really impacted my life and began to shape the style of music I liked and wanted to make as I got older. So here are some of the albums that came to mind immediately:

1. Tu y Yo by Marcos Witt (1991)

Tu y Yo - Marcos Witt

For me, the only way to describe this album is classic. This is what opened my eyes to what music could really be at the church. When this album came out…I did not know how to play one single note on the keyboard!! I heard it, got inspired took a few lessons and one day it all clicked…I could hear the progressions being played and I could follow along on to every song on the album. Out of the 14 songs on the album, we did 13 of those at church (and if we had lived in Mexico, I’m sure we would’ve done Mexico, Vamos a Cambiar too). Some of these songs, such as Llename, Majetuoso Poderoso, Heme Aqui, we did over and over and over and then some more at the church.

2. Adoremos! by Marcos Witt (1993)

Adoremos - Marcos Witt

Wow!! Is all I can say about this album. Awesome, awesome songs…Te Amo, Yo Quiero Ser un Adorador, Tu Misericordia, Mira just to name a few. This is one of those albums that I could listen to over and over again. I think between my mom and me we wore the cassette out and we had to go buy another one. This one almost inspired me to grow a mustache just like Marcos’ Winking smile.

3. Cerca de Ti by Jesus Adrian Romero (or JAR) 1998

Cerca de Ti - Jesus Adrian Romero

This is the album that introduced me to JAR. This one also is an instant classic. It’s the first time I had heard a walking bass line used in a P&W song like it was in Soy Nueva Criatura. And of course the classic worship songs like Cerca de Ti, Tal Como Soy, and Que Seria de Mi.

4. Jesus Freak by DC Talk (1995)

Jesus Freak - DC Talk

Now this album is not a worship album…this is straight up rock with a good mix of hip hop. To me it was groundbreaking because up to that point I had never really heard good rock Christian music which made me think rock could not work in mainstream Christian music. Now this is only my opinion, for me this changed that. All the guitar and bass grooves you hear on this album, in a way, I think led to bands like Hillsong United to be a bit more edgy with their sound. The brain behind all of this was Toby McKeehan (aka TobyMac) who to this day still puts out some pretty amazing albums. On this album we have songs like the title Jesus Freak, Colored People, In the Light and others. Where are the other two members of DC Talk? Michael Tait is the front man for the Newsboys and Kevin Max is doing solo projects. Here’s hoping for a DC Talk reunion.

5. Live From Another Level by Israel Houghton and New Breed (2004)

Live From Another Level - Israel Houghton

This album is fairly recent (7 years ago). I was only 26 years old when I heard it and I remember thinking, “It’s amazing the talent God gives us.” Israel Houghton is one of the most talented songwriter and musician I have heard in a long time. The musical arrangements on this album are amazing. This 2 disc album is an awesome time of praise and worship and especially in disc 2 where the moments of worship are captured in a way that puts you in the room with Israel and New Breed and causes you to worship God along with them. Songs like So Easy To Love, Again I Say Rejoice, Another Breakthrough and other Houghton staples.

6. Better Is One Day by Passion Worship Band (1999)

Better is One Day - Passion

This album introduced me to worship leaders that now are household names in the worship community…Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, and Christy Nockels. If you don’t have this CD you should go buy it now. Better is One Day, The Heart of Worship, Agnus Dei, Be Glorified…all amazing songs of worship. This CD will make you fall more in love with our God and it should be said that this was recorded live in our very own backyard at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

7. Look To You by Hillsong United (2005)

Look to You - Hillsong United

This album introduced me to Hillsong United and with songs like All I Need is You, What The World Will Never Take, Salvation Is Here, Shout Unto God, and Look to You, this album made me look forward to all of their new releases. When we went to their concert a few months back, they are still singing many of the songs off of this album.

Honorable Mentions:
Generacion de Jesus albums (especially the early ones), Dedicado a Ti Senor by Ricardo Ceratto, Lift Him Up by Ron Kenoly, Poderoso by Marcos Witt, Pages of Life Ch. I and II by Fred Hammond.


So this is my list. What albums made you guys really fall more in love with Jesus or which ones got you interested in being a part of the Worship Team? I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe you’ll introduce us to some new music we haven’t heard.