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First of all…I just want to thank God for the awesome privilege we have of knowing Him and worshiping Him. He has been so good to us and even though many times we fall short of what who He wants us to be and sometimes we get distracted by other things that cause us to lose focus on him, He comes and visits us with His awesome presence like He did yesterday.  (more after the jump)

Second, I truly believe we are heading more into the direction of where God wants us to be as a Worship Team. I truly felt we were all in one accord, we were all prepared (technically and spiritually), and we all had a great desire to feel God’s Spirit move in us and in the congregation. Great job Team…let’s keep working hard at getting better!!

Bro. Israel will be leading next week and here are the songs for next week:

1. Te Doy Gloria (C)

2. Hosanna (A minor)

3. Manda Lluvia (D)

4. Llueve (repeat of yesterday) E

5. Si Puedes Creer (D)

I have updated the Drop Box (if you haven’t received an email regarding the Drop Box let me know so I can email you again) so you can download the songs there. In the Drop Box you will find Hosanna in the original key and in the key we are going to be doing it in. Just ignore the funky sounding voice…music sounds fine. You can find the lyrics and chords on the Song Lyrics page. I’m still working on the chords for Si Puedes Creer.

We have 3 full days to get ready for rehearsal, please listen to the songs and practice your parts…when you’re done listening listen again Winking smile.