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The past couple of weeks everyone on the Worship Team has heard me say, “Practice is what we do at home, rehearsal is what we do together.” One of the things I’ve read regarding this says the following:

Practice is personal preparation for the rehearsal. When the song is learned by individuals in practice, the rehearsal then becomes about the team working together to shape each song and each segue into a worship experience for their fellow believers.

Practice is personal. Rehearsal is relational.
(Jon Nichol)

This is from a great series of articles written by Jon Nichol over at WorshipMinistry.com (which happens to be one of the links I’ve had on the blogroll since I started this blog).  Here is the link to the first article in the series of 7 titled Leading Worship: Quit Practicing at Rehearsals. I highly recommend everyone to read all 7 articles.

If you read through the articles there are many things it makes me responsible for as a Worship leader and as the actual Music Director of our team. But it also points out the importance of personal preparation for each member of the Team. I for one am willing to take on the challenge and I’m willing to put in the time it takes to prepare for our Sunday Worship Service and the overall course on which our Team is on. (On a side note, have you ever wondered why a church activity is called a service? Because that is exactly what we are doing, presenting a service for NV and more importantly presenting a service to our Lord Jesus. For that very reason, our preparation is of great importance.)

Not only does this include the technical preparation, but also the Worship preparation. We must be worshipers in our personal lives, not just when we are on the platform. We cannot be one thing inside the church building and another outside of it.

I truly believe we have great potential…we just need to work together and pull together as a Team in the same direction. Let’s all get committed and let’s all start becoming the Worship Team our God wants us to be and the Worship Team our Savior deserves.

As I mentioned in a comment, Bro. Joel expressed some concern about us being able to retain what we rehearsed without going over it again for 2 days. I’ve talked with the Pastor and starting this Sunday morning we will begin to do things a bit differently.

Normally we get there at 9 am for a group prayer, and around 9:40-45 we go to a back room and the Pastor prays for us. Starting this week we will end prayer at 9:30 AM and the Worship Team will remain in the sanctuary where one of the Worship Leaders will lead a prayer for the WT and the service we present that day. This should not take more than about a 5 mins…after the prayer we will begin a run through the set list for the morning. We will have about 20 mins.

If we can be punctual (I’ll be the first to admit I have problems on Sunday mornings), eventually (maybe a month) we may be able to expand the time to where we start the WT prayer at 9 and have about 45 mins to go through the set list. The other brothers and sisters would pray in a different room while we work.

What do you guys think?