This week Bro. Rudy will be leading the service.

I’m not sure what the drumming situation will be for Sunday. But I will try to find a drummer to help us on Sunday.  (more after the jump)

1. El Senor Esta en Este Lugar – Dm

2. Al Rey – Gm

3. Elias Oraba (medley) – Dm…..We probably won’t do it quite like this.

4. Esta Cayendo – G

5. Enamorame – E (new song we haven’t done at the church)

This whole list is subject to who will be playing the drums this Sunday…hopefully I have that resolved before the end of the day today. Also I will try to get the lyrics and chords up on the Song Lyrics page before the end of the day.

Musicians….(that’s you and me, Joel 😉 ) let’s try to learn the songs before we go to practice on Thurs or Sat.