article_images_fb_ruin_164011884I spend a lot of my day reading many different things and a lot of times I run across very interesting articles I would like to share with you. Because of that, I’m going to start putting links to them here on the blog. Hopefully you read them and hopefully we all can learn from them. So here is an article about an issue a lot of people can relate to: FACEBOOK.

I don’t have a Facebook page and have never been interested in one because I don’t think anyone really cares to know I had a Diet Coke early in the morning and then I looked out the window and saw a rainbow ;-). Sarcasm aside, for a lot of people Facebook is a great tool to keep in touch with family and friends. But if a person is not careful, this tool can quite easily turn into something that ruins a person’s reputation and a person’s testimony. Some people seem to forget that as soon as something is posted, it is available for all their friends, family, and church members (whom they’ve either accepted or requested as friends) to see.

The article is called “18 Ways Leaders Can Ruin Their Reputations on Facebook”. Number 3 on the list of things to avoid says this: “Embarrass yourself. Expect everyone in your congregation and your community to see everything you post to Facebook. So, don’t post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable saying or showing from the pulpit on a Sunday morning.” This one point I have seen many times. If we wouldn’t be comfortable saying it at church or around other people why are we ok saying it on Facebook? Can someone answer this question?

Here is where you can find the article which is geared towards Pastors, but it is useful for anyone in ministry or even for anyone not in ministry:

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

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