As I have told some of you already, we will not be having practice this weekend due to a District Activity on Saturday. The activity begins at 2 PM with conferences and meetings for the department leaders of each church (this means varones, dorcas, and jovenes). And the General Service will begin at 4 PM. So if you are on the board of one of these departments, you are expected to be there. Also, for the service, the Bishop President of the Apostolic Assembly, Sam Valverde, will be speaking.

This activity will be held at the Grand Prairie church where our local Bishop, Mario Rodriguez, pastors. This is the address:

Temple de Restauración de Siloe, 314 Skyline Rd., Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Again, there will be NO PRACTICE this Saturday.


Also, I want to congratulate Mirna who is set to graduate this Saturday! And even though he probably doesn’t read this, I also wanted to congratulate Pedro who also graduates this weekend. I pray that God blesses both your lives and blesses both of you in whatever paths you pursue post high school (which should be to continue studying). Congratulations from the NV Worship Team, you guys are truly erudite now ;-).