These are the songs for this week:

1. Libre Soy (Lyrics and chords: Libre Soy)

2. Al Rey (Lyrics and chords: Al Rey)

3. Un Destello de Tu Gloria (F#)

4. Anhelo Conocerte (G)

5. Te Alabare (D>E)

If we have time, I want to start working on two new songs for the next couple of weeks. One is called “Te Canta Mi Alma” (originally in English by Delirious) and the other one is called “Dia Feliz” (I had posted this one a month ago). Here are the links:

Te Canta Mi Alma:

Dia Feliz:

And here are the lyrics for Dia Feliz (with chords):

Día Feliz

I’ll try to get the other song’s lyrics up tomorrow. Also I updated the song list so check it out below and let me know in the comments if I’m missing something.