UPDATE 5-24-2011

FYI: In 1-2 weeks Israel, Rudy, Joel, and I will get together to discuss these songs. The song list is up to 57 songs as of today. The goal is to cut this list down to 30-40 songs that will become the rotation for the church. Their will be 3 levels to the list: Level 1 – New Songs, Level 2 – Established Songs, Level 3 – Older Songs. The number of songs in the rotation will not change (unless we think we need to change the number). Every new song that is introduced and becomes established (in other words the congregation seems to respond to the song) will drop an established song into Level 3 and a Level 3 song will be “retired”. Just because a song is retired doesn’t mean it can’t be used again, it just means it will be used with a lot less frequency if at all.

What is the purpose? The purpose is two-fold:

1. That we make sure we establish songs at the church. Sometimes we sing a song once and never sing it again (i.e. “Mejor es Un Dia”). Why? Because we don’t have a good way to track the songs we sing and how often we sing them and if we are possibly over singing a song (Te Doy Gloria 😉 ).

2. So we don’t put a strain on musicians by having them have to learn a bunch of new songs week in and week out and not really learning (or as Joel says “nailing them”) some of the established songs we already have.

I did not come up with this system but after a lot of research and reading about what other churches do, I decided this would be a good fit for us at this time. Let me know what you guys think by leaving comments. The only one who has helped me out up to now is Moises (thanks Moi). Here is the updated list:

New Life Song List 5-24-2011


Original Post 5-23-2011:

I am in the process of creating a rotation of songs for the church to possibly make it easier to get ready for each service. In preparation for that, I am trying to list all the songs we have done at NV the past 6 months or so. I’m posting what I have so far; please let me know if I’ve missed a song. Thanks for your help!! (click on link below to see the list)

New Life Song List