What a great service we had today at NV!!! God’s presence was with us today. God is always looking to move among us and His word tell us he abides in the praises of his people (Psalm 22:3); today God’s people were truly praising and exalting His name!! Thank you Lord for your blessings and your presence in our lives!!

Bro. Israel did an awesome job in leading the worship today and Bro. Alex truly is an amazing drummer!! Thank you Bro. Alex for being with us this week and maybe you can visit us again sometime soon Winking smile . It’s too bad not everyone in the Worship team was able to participate this week and hopefully everyone can get back on board for next week.

I will go ahead and tell you we will play this coming week by ear. If you remember, Men’s camp is upon us, and I will be out starting Wednesday. We don’t get back till Saturday evening so I’m not sure if we are going  to have practice (I really don’t think we are). I will let you guys know once I know what we are going to do.  God bless everyone and have great week!! (And don’t forget to pray for Men’s camp)