I prefer to put these postings up a bit earlier in the week, but I’ve been real busy this week. Last minute camp preparations (which is next week) and on top of that it’s final exam week and our final assignments are due Sad smile. I’m just grateful final exam week didn’t fall on the same week of Men’s Camp!!


This week we are going to have a special guest at NV, Bro. Alex Cordoba. Not only will he be bringing Sunday’s Message, he will also be playing drums for Sunday’s service (thank you Bro. Alex). He will also join us on Saturday for practice at 7 PM. Bro. Israel will be leading the service and the following is what the song list is looking like:

1. Hosanna Marco Barrientos (shout out to Bro. George Winking smile)

2. Manda Lluvia

3. Perfume a Tus Pies

4. Envuelveme en Ti (This is a new song for us, please listen to it and try to learn the lyrics by Saturday, the song is really short)

Envuélveme En Ti

Artist: Freddy Rodríguez

CD: Luz en las Tinieblas



Hay un Dios, que me ama,

Me arropa en su amor,

Y en sus brazos me cambia,

Es donde quiero estar.



Llévame al lugar dios, al lugar secreto,

Para estar allí, que me hagas como tú,

Envuélveme en ti, envuélveme en ti,

Envuélveme en ti.

For now that’s it, check back for updates. See you guys tonight, GB.