This weekend we will be doing songs we have done many times at the church. There will also be Mother’s Day presentations by the Sunday School classes and another pantomine by Sis. Crystal or Vanessa (not sure which one at this point) so there will not be a lot of time for us to sing to many songs. Also Danny will not be joining us this weekend (I told him to take an upaid 2 week vacation 😉 ) and Bro. Joel is working on Sunday. So that means Moises you are playing drums on Sunday :-). This is what I’m thinking so far:

1. Abre Mis Ojos

2. Eres Todopoderoso

3. Vengo Adorarte

4. Revelation Song

Speaking of Danny, I want to thank him for giving of his time and helping NV out with this awesome talent God has given him. I appreciate everything he has done to help us and his willingness during this difficult time Bro. Federico has been going through. Danny, God has awesome awesome blessings in store for your life and I pray that you can always see and recognize those blessings in your life. I also want to think Brother and Sister Arceo on behalf of the Pastor, Nueva Vida, and the Worship Team for allowing Danny and Jasmine to come as often as they do and no matter what your family will always be members at NV. Gracias Familia Arceo!

Ok guys, feel free to comment on Sunday and to to tell Danny how awesome he is ;-).