Remember this Sunday is MOTHER’S DAY!!


I have a few things to tell you:

1. SUBSCRIBE to the blog (I believe I told you guys to do this a few weeks ago at practice)….so far I only have three subscribers and only two are from the Worship Team (Rudy and Joel). When you subscribe, I believe you have to confirm your email address by going to your email and clicking on a link. If you don’t do that you are not subscribed. It really helps me out in knowing that you guys are getting some notice when I put up a new post. Please, please subscribe.

2. COMMENTS – I do not mind comments…actually I encourage comments, I want comments…below I’m going to post a couple of new songs I would like for us to start working on. Let me know what you guys think of them!! Do you like them or do you not like them, do you think they are a good fit for our church or they’re not a good fit. Comments will let me know you are actually reading the blog and using it as tool of communication and feedback for the Worship Team. As the “author” of the blog I can see how many people have come on to the blog in a day, but it doesn’t tell me who it is or if it’s the same person checking again. Comments will let me know you are reading and subscribing lets me know you are aware. I don’t expect a comment from everyone for every post…but I do expect a more than what I’ve gotten so far.

3. OUR BLOG – This is not just my blog…this is the Worship Team’s blog. If you have something you want  to contribute, let me know and I will let you know how to do so. By commenting you contibute, but what I mean is if there’s a post you would like to write, let me know.


New Songs:

I want to start working on these songs in the next few weeks so please listen to them, learn them, and listen to them again 😉 let me know what you guys think.

Envuelveme en Ti

Correre (this is the song Bro. David suggested on the suggestions page, but the spanish version)

I will post a song list for Sunday tomorrow…they will all be songs we have done before.

I do apologize for the extra long post.