Due to the upcoming Men’s Camp (May 19), I have to go promote the event in a couple of churches this weekend. I will not be in attendance this Sunday at Nueva Vida, I will be at the GQC Arlington church (I have been asked to lead an play piano there) early Sunday morning and afterwards  I will be at MDV Church in Irving. After that I may possibly go to a another church also. Anyways, that was probably more info than what you guys wanted to know.

Bro. Joel will be in charge of the music on Sunday and the practice on Saturday and Bro. Israel will be leading the service. Once Bro. Joel gets back in town I will speak with him to make sure what time practice will be at so I can let you guys know.

I do ask you to please include me in your prayers, I will be doing a lot of driving and I’m a bit nervous about leading in Arlington but everything is for the honor and glory of our God.