Those who are participating in the skit, there will be practice for you on Saturday at 3:00 PM. Please be respectful of everyones time and be their on time.


Just wanted to go ahead and let everyone know that there will be no practice this week. This weekend is really busy and it just is going to be possible.

As far as songs we will be doing, I will post some songs that we have done many times before so you can have an idea of what will be sung during the service…there won’t be much time for singing anyways because of the skit and the various presentations by individuals and the kids.


From what I hear, cokes are on sale at Albertsons (four 12 packs for $10). If you haven’t given your money to Mirna please make an effort to go to Albertsons and pick up some drinks for the coke machine. We are supposed to be giving $5 a month to go towards cokes and many of us haven’t given in a while. As a reminder here is a list of drinks we use:

Dr. Pepper
Sunkist/Fanta (orange)
Diet Coke

Please don’t bring Pepsi, that slot in the machine doesn’t work.