I was speaking to Bro. Israel and the Pastor and we have decided this week for the service we will be doing an “oldies” theme. So we will be singing older hymns from the “himnario” with different arrangements so as they don’t sound to dated. I think it will be something different and some of the newer members will definitely have never heard of these songs.

For sure we will be doing “Hay Poder” and this is the style I think we will be doing it in:


On this one particularly “Halle Un Buen Amigo”


Cuan Grande es El:


Las Bodas del Cordero:


En La Cruz:


Yo Me Rindo a El (both English and Spanish):


Other songs we will be possibly doing are Vision Pastoral and Tomado de La Mano. Of course we might not do all of these but this what we will be choosing from. Let me know what you think.